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So, last night, after My parents said "Good night" to me and my siblings, I went into the bathroom to brush my teeth. And my younger brother (who is 18) slid his hand into the bathroom that I was in, and shut off the lights and with a smartass voice said, "Mom said to turn off all the lights!" So I turned the light back on and we were just flicking the lights on and off like little children, and when the light was off again, he stood into the doorway of his room, the bathroom and his room are almost across the hall from each other, and we just stared at each other, challengingly. Until I got the idea to just shut the door and turn on the lights, but before I could lock the door, he pried the damn door open and shut off the lights. Then I shut the door again and locked it, and then turned on the lights. Then my bro tried to open the door again, and after realizing it was locked asked, "Did you seriously just locked the door?" And I told him yes, and he just jiggled with the handle constantly demanding that I open the door, jokingly, and I am on the other side laughing hysterically. Then he Told me that the door lock might jam and he'd have to break the door down to get me out. And like a gullible idiot, I unlocked it and he opened the door and shut the lights off again! I then to laugh and called him a jerk, playfully, and a turd for tricking me like that. He claimed to be the imposter, and we both just laughed and cried. I shut the door and locked it again. He came back and shook the handle. Then I said, "I need to brush my teeth!" and he said "ok" and backed off. Now, if I had said that from the start, we wouldn't have had this hilarious war with the light switch. And I wouldn't have this funny story to share.

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